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What is Hybrid Funds? Types & Benefits of Hybrid Funds?

What is Hybrid Funds? Types & Benefits of Hybrid Funds?

Investing in mutual funds with the best app for mutual funds is a popular choice for wealth growth. One category of mutual funds that offers a balanced approach is hybrid funds. These funds combine equity and debt, providing a diversified portfolio. Let`s explore what hybrid funds are, their types, and the benefits they offer.

What are Hybrid Mutual Funds?

Hybrid mutual funds allocate assets across equity and debt instruments. They balance capital appreciation and income generation, making them suitable for varying risk appetites. By diversifying investments, hybrid funds reduce overall risk.

Types of Hybrid Funds:

  • Multi Asset Allocation Fund: Invests in equity, debt, and other asset classes. Allocation is managed dynamically based on market conditions.
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund: Adjusts allocation between equity and debt based on market conditions to capture opportunities in bull and bear markets.
  • Conservative Hybrid Funds: Primarily invests in debt with a small equity allocation. Suitable for stable income with lower exposure to equity market fluctuations.
  • Aggressive Hybrid Funds: Has a higher equity allocation (65-80%) with the rest in debt instruments. Offers potential for higher capital appreciation with moderate risk.
  • Equity Savings Fund: Invests in equity, debt, and arbitrage opportunities to provide capital appreciation and regular income.
  • Arbitrage Fund: Takes advantage of price differences in different markets or segments with minimal risk.

Factors to Consider before Investing in Hybrid Mutual Funds:

  • Risk-Return Assessment: Evaluate risk tolerance and investment goals. Choose a fund aligning with your risk profile.
  • Time Horizon: Consider investment time horizon, typically more than three years for hybrid funds.
  • Cost: Take into account expense ratio and associated costs. Lower expenses impact overall returns positively.
  • Returns: Examine historical performance compared to benchmark and peers, although past performance doesn`t guarantee future results.
  • Investment Strategy: Understand the fund`s strategy and how it aligns with your objectives.

How Does a Hybrid Fund Work?

Hybrid funds pool money from investors and invest in equity and debt. The fund manager actively manages the portfolio based on market conditions and the fund`s objective. Allocation is adjusted periodically to maintain balance. Performance is reflected in the net asset value (NAV).

Who Should Invest in a Hybrid Mutual Fund?

Hybrid funds are suitable for investors seeking a balanced approach and exposure to equity and debt markets. They are ideal for those aiming for capital appreciation and income generation with a moderate risk level and medium to long-term investment horizon.

How to Invest in Hybrid Funds?

Investing in hybrid funds is easy through banks, financial advisors, or online platforms/apps. Choose a reputable and user-friendly app for mutual fund investment.

Taxation in Hybrid Funds:

Tax treatment depends on equity and debt allocation. Equity portion is treated as an equity fund for tax purposes. Long-term capital gains on equity investments held for over a year are tax-exempt up to a limit. Debt portion is subject to applicable tax rates based on the holding period.

Benefits of Hybrid Mutual Funds:

  • Active Management of Portfolio Risk: Experienced fund managers optimize risk-return tradeoff by adjusting equity-debt allocation based on market conditions.
  • Suitable for Different Risk Profiles: Various hybrid fund types cater to different risk appetites, providing options for investors.
  • Diversification: Hybrid funds offer diversification across asset classes, reducing the impact of market volatility and providing portfolio stability.
  • Active Rebalancing: Fund managers regularly rebalance the portfolio to maintain desired asset allocation, aligning with investment objectives.


Hybrid mutual funds provide a balanced investment approach by combining equity and debt instruments. They offer diversification, active management, and potential for capital appreciation and income generation. Consider risk tolerance, investment goals, and fund features before investing. Make informed decisions to maximize hybrid fund benefits.

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